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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sarasota has completely charmed me. Not only is it beautiful there, but the little main street in town is full of great restaurants and, of course, the most fabulous Bookstore1. Georgia and Elsie arranged the best events--one at The New Gate School, then an afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club, and finally a reception at the bookstore. Not only that, I got to see my Chautauqua buddies and eat a yummy dinner of pork osso bucco with everyone.

Did not love the 3:30 wake up call this morning. or the 6AM flight. But even the airport in Sarasota is pretty and painless, with a Starbucks open and ready for business even at the crack of dawn. Hit the ground running here in St. Louis with two talks, one at the Holy Redeemer Elementary School and the other at the McKinley Academy.

Now I have to admit that when I lived here back in 1980 and worked as a TWA flight attendant, I did not appreciate it. But I have had the best day, admiring the architecture, eating amazing BBQ at Bogarts, gazing at that shimmering Arch and the Mississippi River. My beautiful hotel looks out at that view, and I have spent a bit of time in the plush hotel bathrobe staring out the window and admiring it.

Tonight is my event at the library. St. Louis fans, I hope to see you there! Thanks to Pudd'n head Books for all their help while I'm here.

Making steady progress on my Gapster cowl. And totally immersed in the novel TEN THOUSAND SAINTS.

On to Chicago early tomorrow!