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An Italian Wife

ISBN: 0393241661


"I loved Ann Hood's An Italian Wife...a multi-generational masterpiece." Wally Lamb

​"An Italian Wife is glorious." 

Adriana Trigiani


Over a dozen years ago I began writing stories about the Rimaldi's, a fictional Italian-American family who, like my own Italian-American family, arrived in Rhode Island in the late 1800's. The Rimaldi's struggle with homesickness and alienation, and the desire to be American as they try to stay connected to their culture and traditions. When I finished a Rimaldi story last year, I realized that I had over 300 pages about the family. I printed them, placed them in chronological order--spanning one hundred years!--wrote two more, and with great delight created a family saga that centers on Josephine Rimaldi and her children and grandchildren. Josephine and her daughters and granddaughters seek love and acceptance, suffer loss and disappointment, live through wars and historical upheavals. But like all of us, they make their way--in family, in regret, in dreams, and desire. An Italian Wife is, really, everyone's story.



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