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So many people think The Knitting Circle was my first book! But most of you know that my first book was Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine, published in 1987 by Bantam Books as the launch title for their Bantam New Fiction line of original paperbacks. Between Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine and The Knitting Circle, I actually published lots of other books that were well reviewed and sold well enough to keep me from seeking other employment. Thanks to the wonderful people at Open Road Media, five of these older titles are now available as Ebooks! It makes me so happy to have them in the world again. Fans often ask me where they can get my other books. Now I have an answer: RIGHT HERE!


I've made it really easy for you to buy my novels Waiting to Vanish, Something Blue, Places to Stay the Night, and Ruby as well as my memoir Do Not Go Gentle: My Search for Miracles in a Cynical Time (read in my very own voice!) as ebooks by just clicking below and accessing Enjoy!



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